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As requested: Lena And Ives by Bluest-Ayemel
As requested: Lena And Ives
"Setting: Originally Greyhawk, but then Alandria (Homebrew)

Name: Ielenia "Lena" Kiirnodel (Moongem) and Ivellios "Ives" Kiirgala (Whispergem)

Gender: Female and Male

Race: Half-Elf Tiefling and Feytouched Half-Elf

Height: 6' 0" and 5' 11"

Weight: 185 and 164 lbs

Physical Description: Both Ives and Lena are half-elves (Lena's mother and Ives' father being their full-elven parent), and as such possess traits of their illustrious forebears. However, both also have unique backgrounds tied into their blood. Lena's father was an evil outsider, a devil or a demon, leaving her stuck between the wholesome elven bloodline and the terrifying traits of the tiefling. She is strong, having trained her body for hunting devils and demons for most of her life, but graceful, owing to her elven bloodline. Her grey eyes have lost much of the elf, becoming much more rounded, though her ears, while shorter, are more pointed than most elves. She keeps her dark brown hair cut to her neckline, wrapped up tightly with ribbons from her mother. However, her skin tone possesses a strong red-brown tint to it, she possesses a long, whip-like tail, and her canines are slightly elongated thanks to her fiendish heritage, which causes others to avoid her. Ives, on the other hand, has had his bloodline touched by the fey, mysterious creatures of the elements. As such, he strikes a near-perfect, beautiful pose with elegant but powerful features, especially for a half-elf. His eyes are a striking violet, though more rounded than most elves, and his platinum grey hair shimmers in strong daylight. He keeps his hair long, to his waist, and his ears are standard fair for half-elves, halfway between human and elven ears in shape and length.

Class: Ranger 5/Horizon Walker 6 and Bard 7/Swiftblade 4

Alignment: NG and CG

Ability Scores:

Str -- 16         Int -- 14  

Dex -- 21       Wis -- 14

Con -- 16     Cha -- 9


Str -- 16         Int -- 12  

Dex -- 20       Wis -- 10

Con -- 14      Cha -- 22

Equipment: Lena is a warrior dedicated to hunting and eradicating devils and demons, even on their home planes. She wields two blessed bastard swords forged from Solanian Truesteel, gifts to her from the elven elders when she sought out on the quest to slay her 'father'. As well, she keeps with her an enchanted animated mithril shield and wears an elaborately decorated mithril breastplate. She carries a longbow with a variety of magical arrows for any situation as well as vials of holy water and other fiend hunting tools. Ives wears the twin to her breastplate, the twin to Lena's made from one of the most skilled silversmiths from their hometown. As a bard, his instrument of choice is the lute. His weapon of choice is a very special blade he calls the Swiftblade, expertly forged to assist him in his unique style of fighting. It is an elegantly, slightly curved bastard sword, but it's balance is so perfect he can wield it as if it were merely shortsword. Lena tends to wear neutral shades of brown while Ives enjoys lavish, although still functional, clothing.

Lena and Ives grew up in the same elven town of Lhevi, found in the hidden forests of the continent of Haevah. Though the elven town was open to any they considered friends, the pair grew up as something of outsiders, Lena due to her fiendish heritage and Ives from his feytouched blood. However, it was not out of shame or distrust, but more of pity--for Lena, her mother was raped by an unknown devil or demon; and for Ives, his connection to the mysterious and powerful fey meant his future was uncertain should his fey parent learn of him. As such, the pair became inseparable, finding a personal refuge in their own strangeness with one another. Where Lena often got the pair in trouble, Ives managed to get them out, and so, when they both came of age, it was only natural that they leave as a pair--Lena to seek out and destroy her 'father' and Ives to build his legend as the Swiftblade."

Characters belong to Peregrine_Caged

Frederic Savage by Bluest-Ayemel
Frederic Savage
As requested by Westphalian Musketeer on

Frederic Savage is a half-orc alchemist with a tumor familiar and 4 arms, and dual wields two 2h weapons. o.o







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